July 23rd, 2008

This morning as I stepped out of the door of my apartment I realized that the day was going to be one of those drab cloudy days that just make me itch for it to either rain or for the clouds to clear. The clouds had settled low in the sky, leaving it drizzly and just a touch foggy. I could only faintly hear the cars driving by on the highway only a couple of blocks away and there were no cars on my little street. In that stillness I felt that the entire world belonged to me alone, elation expanded to fill my chest and brought a smile to my face because that moment was mine.

Then I saw something else, something that on any other day I likely wouldn’t have noticed. They were cobwebs nestled in the grass with water dewing on their surfaces. They also made me smile because I realized that they did in fact look like circus tents for ants as one of my new found friends claimed. The smallest one I came across was bigger than the circle I could make with my hands. They hadn’t been there the day before when the temperature had been much, much warmer which made me wonder if the spiders disliked the heat as much as we humans. The webs made me wish for a sunnier day, though, because they would have glistened in the sun and been all that much more gorgeous.

The brevity of all of this struck me in a moment and this made it all that much more apparent that life is just a string of fleeting moments. Each moment has its own meaning and importance in life and then it is gone faster than one can blink to be replaced by a new one. I might feel the same sense of elation in the next couple of years at four o’clock in the morning when I get up to write a paper, but it will never be the same as this morning when I stepped out of the door.