Post-it notes are my friends

September 25th, 2007

When taking notes for research papers I use a method that is somewhat similar to the one mentioned in Turabian, although my notes are not as neatly sorted as that. When I take notes, I stick post-its all over the book, if I can. On each of them I take down what I found interesting on the page and how it relates to my topic. In high school I was always a horrible English student because I didn’t write myself notes in the margins about the themes and such. The history major in me cringed at “destroying” the text, but as soon as I started using post-its my grades got better.

If I can’t stick post it notes in the book,or a website, I take notes in a composition notebook with the top of each page marked with the book it came from and memos on the pages that the notes came off of. Its not a great system, it gets really messy, but it works. I also bookmark websites so that I can come back to them at a later date.

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  2. historyjustin said:

    Yeah, I’ve sort of just started doing the bookmarking thing the last couple of years. I feel quite proud of that. Why composition notebooks?

  3. orienttofind said:

    I take notes in a composition notebook because I tend to take pages out of any other kind of notebook, even a spiral one, and lose them. The composition notebook deters me from doing this because I know that if I tear out the pages I will likely lose more than just the one that I intend to tear out.

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