To understand why I want to be a history major, you have to know where I come from. When I was five years old my family and I moved to Germany for the first time. I lived in a little town fifteen minutes outside of historic Heidelberg. Three years later we moved back to the United States. I don’t really remember much about those years except for the travels of which I still have pictures.

Then the miraculous happened, my mom got offered a job offer in the same office working the same job she had had seven months before with a three year tour and possible extensions. So we went back and moved into another little town, also fifteen minutes away from Heidelberg called Leimen. If any of you are familiar with tennis and Boris Becker, his family still lives there five minutes away from my old house.

This seven and a half year period of time is when I really got interested in history. I always looked forward to my history classes, which everyone else seemed to dread. At that point European History and the history of Mediterranean Africa were things that I absolutely loved to study because there was a very distinct possibility that I would have a chance to visit any number of places that we were studying and gain a first hand experience with the places that the famous, and infamous, historical figures had at one point inhabited. I had opportunities to visit the Louvre, Versailles, Tuileries, the Vatican, Stratford-upon-Avon, Blenheim Palace, the Parthenon, the Pantheon and so many other places too numerous to name. In the most impressionable years of my life I was immersed in the deep, rich history of the European continent which fostered a deep wish to dig and become even more knowledgeable.

I first visited Colonial Williamsburg, and subsequently Jamestown and Yorktown, when I was fifteen; immediately after leaving the place I told my parents that I wanted to go to William and Mary so that I might study the history of the place and the buildings in which people represented those who lived there so long ago. I also love putting myself in the shoes of the kind of common people that would have lived there in its heyday.

I was very sad to leave Germany almost a year after my trip to Williamsburg, but that allowed me to gain hands on experience in extant examples of American art, architecture and history that seems lost on the general public. I have had little time to visit many historical sites outside of the DC Metro area but hope to get a chance to travel all over the country to study our history. I have had the a wonderful chance to get a job here in Fredericksburg that is deeply rooted in history, so if you ever happen to go down to the Hugh Mercer Apothecary Shop, stop in and say hi.

I want to be a History Major to allow myself to dig into the roots of the quirks of society today, to explore the ways that people lived and what influenced them to do and act as they did in all walks of life. I would love to study the medicine of eras gone by and track the changes it has made to what we see on the counters today, especially the advent of anesthesia and similar medicaments. So again, why do I want to be a History major? I love history.